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Animated Video

Client Onboarding

Animation Process
  • We’ll commence by introducing our service and providing a thorough briefing to ensure you will understand what to anticipate, the prerequisites, and the service workflow
  • Our Customer Representative (CR) will inquire about any existing materials from you, or present optional add-ons. If the you are undecided on add-ons, they can be included in the final invoice
  • The signing of the contract and the submission of the initial deposit (if applicable to a project-based plan) are essential steps to initiate the process
  • Your (Client) details
  • Request forms/questionnaire
  • Specific details for the service request
  • Contract signed and/or payment (if project based plan)

Planning Stage

Animation Process
  • Sample or Idea: Client must provide a link or a video for our reference to be specific
  • Client Assets: The branding and/or assets must be endorsed accordingly for proper planning of the request
  • Video content creation:
    • The client is required to provide the Creative Brief (assembled script)
    • Video content of the video can be provided by us (add-ons) or provided by the client
  • Reference material or Inspo
  • Branding/Assets
  • Creative Brief (required)
  • Visual direction with Script

Pre-production Stage

Animation Process

*The visual direction with the script should be finalized before jumping into this stage

  • Voice Over: VO can be provided by the client or can be requested by the company
  • Storyboard Creation:
    • Scene by scene will be created by the designer based on Visual direction provided
    • The designer will be given minimum of 2 days to finish the storyboard
    • Once storyboard is accomplished by the designer, It will be reviewed first internally before being submitted to the client
  • Finalized Visual Direction
  • Branding/Assets

Production Stage

Animation Process

*The storyboard should be finalized and approved by the client before proceeding with this stage and the VO should be ready (checked with the client)

  • Animation: The animator have a specific deadline on project (maximum of 1 week)
  • Finalized Storyboard
  • Visual Direction Copy
  • VO (if required by the client)

Post-Production Stage

Animation Process
  • SFX/BG Music: Videos must have SFX and BG music, if applicable
  • Rendering: The animator must double check everything before rendering

Internal Review

Animation Process
  • The Creative Head will review the video (quality check) for 24 hours. Request of internal review should be done within 24 hours of submission
  • The Creative Head will endorse the video to the Account Manager(AM) for detail check
  • Internal Revision Request: The animator will be given maximum of 3 days to complete the internal request for revision

Client Review

Animation Process

*If the Creative Director is good with the video, it will be then submitted to the client for review

  • The client will be given a maximum of 7 days to review and request a revision
  • Failure to submit a revision after 7 days, automatically will be final
  • The client will be given Free Minor Revisions, Major revisions will be added on the invoice
  • Output Endorsement for Project-Based Plan:
    • All outputs that will be presented to the client will have our watermark on it
    • Final outputs will be sent when the client accomplished paying the total amount of the project
  • Finalized output
  • Project-Based Plan: Contract with the invoice
  • Subscription Plan: Additional fees will be added to their monthly invoice

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